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Our mission is to sustainably harvest timber in the safest and most innovative method possible.

Wy'East Timber Services offers a diverse set of forestry solutions which include comprehensive forest management, project planning, harvesting, and fire support services throughout the PNW. Wy'East Timber Services was founded in 2011 and has become a leader in sustainable timber and trucking operations in the Columbia River Gorge. WTS has been awarded Oregon Department of Forestry “Operator of the Year” for its continuous reputation for taking on challenging jobs and working with various Federal, State, Local and Private Landowners throughout the PNW. As of 2021, Wy'East services has performed jobs in Oregon, Washington, and California. Our staff, client portfolio, and service offerings continue to grow.


Standing at 11,239 feet, Wy’East (Mount Hood) is the highest mountain in Oregon and was named by the Multnomah tribe, who first inhabited the area. It is said that the mountain came to be when two brothers fought over the beautiful maiden Loowit, who could not choose between the two. The Great Spirit Sahale was enraged by the quarrel between the young men, WyEast and Klickitat, so she turned the three lovers into mountain peaks: Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood (Wy’East) and Mt. Adams for Klickitat. Today we find the name Wy’East fitting for our business because we aim to care for, manage and restore the land. Our Vision at Wyeast is to "enhance the environment through sustainable logging practices and proper forestry management". In addition, our sustainable practices help protect water quality, fish habitat and scenic areas; we find it important to pay homage to this region we call home.

Recent Projects

We focus on producing a high-quality forest product within all of our operations. Check out some of our current and most recent projects below.

Clean up for ODOT
Contract for SDS
Contract Logging for SDS
Mosier Creek Fire Private Land Cleanup
Hood River County Timber Sale
Contract Logging

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Wyeast Timber Services for nearly a decade. We have consistently been impressed at their high quality of work and attention to detail. There are a lot of variables in timber management and harvesting, and Wyeast does a great job juggling these and completing the job to regulatory and landowner satisfaction."

Brian Beaulaurier Skookum Resources

Having worked on several large and small timber harvest projects with Wy’East, I can say that the crews attention to detail and production are very good. I will not hesitate to use them on difficult or complex logging projects in the future.

Jeremy Grose Forester - SDS Lumber Co

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